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9nz0ci Thanks-a-mundo for the blog article.Much thanks again.

I know I've read this story before, I enjoyed it then and I've enjoyed it yet again.

These particular lines tickle me every time I read them

"Charming and jocular?"

"How about reluctant and accommodating?"

"He didn't say I had to go. He said, I believe, 'It would be propitious toward attaining the goals of this organization if you would attend the reunion in New Haven this weekend." A contemplative look came over his face for a moment. "All right, so he did say I had to go. And you agreed to come because even Manhattan holds no appeals for you when I am out of the vicinity."

"How did Waverly know about the CIA's plan? And why didn't he just tell us about it? And why did he even care?"

"That's three things. Didn't they teach you to count at that...

Not only is the story enjoyable, it would have made a wonderful episode, a little risque of course but wonderful.

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