The Shirts of St Thomas

by Viviana

Follows this scene: NS finds Thrushes rifling his hotel room in Swiss Alps. NS to Thrush goon holding shirt: 'That's a 15 and a half, 33'. 2nd Thrush goon: 'Looks more like a 16 and half, 34'.

'So I'm going to use the fact that she's his niece to try to gain access to Abbott John, whenever they're holding him'.

(Sigh). 'I might have known you'd find a girl somewhere, even when investigating a monastery.'

'Strictly duty, friend. Oh, by the way...'


'When you packed for me, you packed some of your own shirts by mistake'.


'Remind me to take you shopping when I get back'.

'I do not require tailored silk shirts, Napoleon'.

'I feel it's my responsibility to smarten you up a little'.

'Ah, Napoleon...'.


'Since you are visiting monks, you might at least try to assimilate a little of their virtues. You know, asceticism, self-restraint...'.

'I can tell you one brotherly restraint that's not rubbing off on me...'


'My nocturnal devotions are downright unspiritual...'.


'Maybe it's the altitude...'


'Or, maybe it's sleeping in that, ah, new shirt.....'

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