The Very Secret Nowhere Affair diary of NS.

by Tauna

Hour 1 Off to desert to retrieve secret map. Why isn't IK going? I'm CEA not errand boy. V. excited though as this is opportunity to tan

Hour 4 Dusty drive bad for outfit. Can not tan while covered in grime. V. annoyed.

Hour 5 Surrounded by Thrush agents. Mission blown. Stupid Thrush. Must swallow amnesia pill to foil their evil plans.

Hour 13.5 Came to myself after fondling 36 snub nose. Why does this remind me of IK.? Say who is this blonde girl? IK will kill me if he finds out anything.

Hour 14 IK comes to save me! Go Me! What a charming form fitting outfit. Must compliment him later. He thinks it the gun I admire. Silly boy. Doesn't he understand discretion?

Must save nice blonde girl. She reminds me of someone but not sure who.

Hour 14.5 IK looks annoyed. Can not figure out why. Looks like he is trying to trip girl in cavern.

Hour 14.75 Firefight most satisfying. All Thrushies dead. IK could not get girl in line of fire. Bet he will resort to plan B.

Hour 15 IK led our escape through cavern. Just because he knows the way out doesn't mean I do. Tried to force me to lead. Silly boy. He knows how I don't like to! Blond Girl took over for me. V. relieved. IK most happy as he got to dive out of cavern mouth just as explosion let off. V. annoyed as he claims he can't hear now. Likely story.

Hour 16 Must get girl settled. Uncle A. should be on way. Still can't figure out who she reminds me of.

Hour 16.5 IK seems annoyed. Can not imagine why. Blond girl most attentive. Wish IK would take lessons. Uncle A. giving her options. Did not pay attention as still trying to figure out what to tell IK later on.

Hour 16.75 Uncle A. gives blond girl mega form of amnesia drug. V. happy as now there will be no witnesses for IK to drill. Surprised by IK banging glass on table. On closer look can see IK in full snit. Must find out what I will be apologizing for.

Hour 17 Uncle A. takes charge of nice blonde girl. Now she is settled can coerce IK into little Las Vegas trip. Still trying to find out problem.

Hour 20 IK enthralled by Las Vegas decadence. Mirrored room V. entertaining. Most intrigued by alternate properties of sunblock. IK. now totally into me! Still prettiest! Go me!

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